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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions?

- Are the Owners Tickets only good for the month you purchase them in? No, these tickets were originally designed for residents and are good for one year from the date of purchase. Think of them like a gift certificate.

- How long do I have to attach the Ticket to a date? A year. The tickets are like gift certificates and are not attached to a date.

- What is the time zone for Hawaii? We do NOT participate in daylight savings. During the spring time we are 1 hour behind Alaska, 2 hours behind Pacific Standard Time, 3 hours behind Mountain, 4 hours behind Central, 5 hours behind Eastern and 6 hours behind Atlantic. If you participate in daylight savings in the summer months (April - October) add one hour to these.

- How do I acquire additional Tickets? Wait for the next 1st of the month and be the first to purchase or call the company and purchase more at retail or the discounted Shaka Gold Membership rate.

- Can I buy ticket for my Friends? No Tickets are sold only to the Shaka Gold member and/or local residents. Owners tickets are not transferrable, doing so with revoke membership.

- How many tickets may I buy? All purchasers are restricted to 4 tickets per activity or attraction.

- Who is Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii? Go to our web site, www.A3H.org Simply put we are like a state chamber of commerce combined with a Better Business bureau with membership limited to Activities & Attractions owners.

- Where did these Tickets come from? Our members, the Activities & Attractions trade tickets in lieu of paying cash for either advertising and/or their dues with A3H.

- What if I want to pay cash? Sorry at this time there is no way to accommodate cash. We do have plans to incorporate PayPal in the near future.

- Are there Black Out Dates on the Tickets? No. If you encounter this with a supplier, please call our office 1-800-398-9698 as this is not part of our program.

- How do we get a Refund? If the trip is canceled by the supplier send the unused tickets back and provided the supplier approves 100% refund is credit to your card. The only reason a supplier would not approve is if you made a reservation and then just didn't show up or cancel within their cancellation policy. To ensure an expedient refund include the date, time, name and title of the employee cancelling the excursion.

- Once Purchased how do I attach to a date and reserve? Call the supplier. A complete phone list is available on www.HawaiiFun.org click on the member link at the top of the page. Tell them you have just purchased A3H Owners Tickets and would like to make a reservation.

- How long will it take to receive the tickets? Upon purchase a temporary eTicket is sent. Within 1-2 days your official eGift Certificate from the supplier will be recieved via email.

- What if I'm leaving for Hawaii in less than 7 days? No worries, everything is sent electronically. No mailing these days. All Green!

- May I just use a print out of the emailed Temporary eTicket? No you need the authentic eGift Certificate. If your arrival date will not allow 1-2 days, call our office 1-800-398-9698 to expedite processing.

- Where do I find the reservation phone number for the supplier? Our membership directory is broken up by island, for Kauai, go to: www.KauaiFun.org, for Oahu, go to: www.OahuFun.org for Maui, go to: www.MauiFun.org and for the Big Island of Hawaii, go to: www.BigIslandFun.org.